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African Turquoise Stone Beads

African Turquoise Beads

You don't get more exotic or beautiful than African Turquoise stone beads from Kaleidoscope Crafts. They're like something from a long forgotten treasure and turns your stone beading and craft projects into something truly unique.

The blue in these stone beads is mesmerizing and will the draw the eye no matter what type of jewelry they're in. You'll love how these beads look and so will everyone else that sees them.

Kaleidoscope Crafts has a large selection of African Turquoise Beads, so explore our site and get everything you need for your next project. Our beading supplies are second to none.

10x10mm Square Beads
Approx. 39 Per Strand
Double Hole
4x13mm Rectangle
Approx. 30 Per Strand
Beautiful Beads