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Miracle Beads

Miracle Beads

Miracle Beads have A Lucite Core with a silver mirror-plated finish, making it perfect as a jewelry bead. They are coated with several layers of colored lacquer.

When viewed in the light, they appear to have a bead within the bead. The light passes through the lacquer, which reflects the mirror core back through the layers. This results in an Illusion of Depth, hence the “Miraculous” effect, which is ideal as jewelry bead.

Miracle beads come in 3 different qualities. The best grade of Miracle bead comes from Japan. They are also made in Taiwan and Mainland China.

Kaleidoscope Crafts' Miracle Beads are the best available from China. We carry 4mm, 6mm and 8mm Miracle Beads in a variety of colors.