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Beadalon Wire for Jewelry Beading

Beadalon Jewelry Beading Wire

Beadalon Jewelry Beading Wire

Beadalon wire for jewelry making is manufactured by Beadalon and is specifically created for hobbyists and professionals. They are the only company that manufactures their own Beading Wire and Micro Cable!

When choosing which Beadalon wire to use for your next project, consider these factors:

The number of Tiny Wires, or strands, is what determines the flexibility of the wire. The larger the number of strands, the more flexibility your wire will have.

You should also consider the amount of Drape you'd like your jewelry to have. For example, a 49 Strand of Beadalon wire is very flexible or limber. Therefore, it will drape nicely with a light, thread-like appearance.

On the opposite side, a Beadlon wire labeled as a 7 Strand is not so flexible and is most ideal for projects which need to hold their shape tightly.

If you are unsure of what you need, start with a mid-grade 19 strand of Beadalon wire. This will give you the drape and hold you need as you become accustomed to the different levels of strands.

Design tips for using Beadalon Wire

  • Use the largest diameter of wire possible that will still pass through the smallest bead hole in your design. This will help keep your beads more in place and won't slide or twist around.
  • Make sure your beads are spread apart with adequate spacing. This will help reduce any abrasions which may occur from beads rubbing against each other.
  • When choosing your Beadalon wire, consider what types of beads you will use with it. The strength and weight of wire should stay consistent with the type of bead you are using it with. And remember that the diameter of a wire is not always a good indicator of its strength.
  • Remember that some wires are more flexible than others. Choose the kind that will give your jewelry the look, feel and drape you are looking for.
  • Using Wire Guardians will help reduce the effects of scratches or abrasions near the clasp.
  • Use Scrimp Findings & Ez-Crimp Findings for the best connection strength.
  • To reduce contact, abrasions and wear, make sure to insert bead bumpers between crystal and/or glass beads for padding.
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