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The Reputed Healing Properties of Magnetic Hematite Beads

There’s no doubt that magnetic hematite beads make amazing jewelry, but practitioners of magnetic therapy purport that they can heal the body and the mind as well. Ancient civilizations have used natural hematite and naturally magnetic minerals for centuries, but do you know the various ways magnetic beads can allegedly help your mind, body and spirit.

Magnetic Hematite vs. Natural Hematite

The magnetic hematite used for jewelry isn’t the same as natural hematite. Natural hematite isn’t magnetic, but in its natural crystalline form still has supposed healing properties. Magnetic hematite is a mix of hematite, magnetite and various other metals to create a permanently magnetic composite that is molded into the beads through a process called powder metallurgy.

Unlike natural hematite, you can get the reported healing properties of magnetic therapy with magnetic hematite jewelry and beads. We even have a high powered magnetic hematite to add a little extra kick.

What is Magnetic Therapy Using Magnetic Hematite Beads?

You are surrounded by electromagnetic fields. In fact, your body has them because the human body has various natural electrical processes. Many people believe that when the body shows signs of ailments, soreness and sickness, it can be lessened or removed through the manipulation of these magnetic fields.

Magnets, which have their own magnetic field, placed upon the body in certain areas are said to improve the flow of energy and thus eliminate ailments and improve function. There are many different materials used in the magnetic therapy not only using magnetic hematite jewelry, but also other natural magnetic elements and composites.

Benefits of Magnetic Hematite Beads

One of the biggest uses for magnetic hematite bracelets and other jewelry is pain relief. While wearing the jewelry on or near the impacted area is recommended, it can help with overall pain management throughout the whole body.

For those who practice Feng Shui and other esoteric arts, they have been known to help decrease negative energy, improve memory and focus, help with blood and kidney problems and more including Chakra balancing.

If you’re interested in ordering magnetic hematite beads, we have a wide variety of high quality beads available.



Read Before Ordering

We do not make any medical claims regarding magnetic hematite beads nor do we claim that there is scientific consensus regarding them. Consult a physician before wearing any magnetic jewelry, if you are pregnant, lactating or if you have any internal device such as a heart pacemaker, a defibrillator, an internal insulin pump, hearing implant etc. These products are not intended to be sold as a medical device or as a replacement for traditional medical treatment nor are these products approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).