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Lapis Lazuli Bead Chips for Gemstone Jewelry

Lapis Lazuli Bead Chips for Gemstone Jewelry
Item# SC35
Brand: Lapis Lazuli Gemstone
Size: 5-12mm
Color: Mixed Blue Colors -- Natural Color Mixes
Material: Lapis Lazuli Gemstone
Origin: China
Bead Count: Approx. 36" Strand
Shape: Chips
Drill Holes Center Drill

Our Lapis Lazuli bead chips are a natural gemstone with excellent luster and smooth surface. Crafters need high quality stones whether they're making necklaces, bracelets or any kind of craft jewelry and Lapis Lazuli bead chips are of the highest quality and have fascinating geologic origins.

Lapis lazuli is typically refered to as "lapis." This gemstone originates as a type of blue metamorphic rock, formed over millions of years near limestone and marble that have been altered by heat, pressure and chemical process over time from various geologic events and conditions. Lapis' vibrant and distinct blue comes the mineral "lazurite" and is often flecked with white calcite and gold grains of pyrite that give it that distinct look. These geologic factors produce a truly unique and ornamental gemstone that is polished to a high luster and these Lapis Lazuli Bead Chips make beautiful hand crafted jewelry. Try them for your next gemstone bracelet or necklace project!