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Magnetic Hematite Beads Go Great With These Types of Jewelry

Magnetic hematite beads are unique in that they can go with a variety of jewelry styles. They’re unique magnetic traits make them a popular choice and the variety of shapes and colors enhances the look and feel of any jewelry piece. You don’t need to just use hematite beads either as they work well with other materials such as Swarovski crystal.


People love making bracelets because they’re fun and easily visible, especially if you have short to mid-length sleeves. Bracelets go on your wrists, which is the perfect spot for magnetic hematite beads as it’s near a pulse point and an important spot for blood flow into your hands. Magnetic hematite beads are reported to have healing attributes and improving blood flow. Hematite beads are perfect for bracelets because they provide a touch of class and elegance to any piece of jewelry.


There is nothing more elegant than a beautiful necklace and when you add the class and sophistication added by magnetic hematite beads it’s something amazing. Necklaces are in plain sight and a focal point of many outfits. It’s also close to your heart. Hematite beads come in a wide selection of colors and shapes, so you can find something that goes with any outfit. They’re wonderful for jewelry making and work well with many different types of beads and crystals.

Ankle Bracelets

When you’re wearing shorts or a dress, you might want to focus on your shoes and what better way than with an ankle bracelet. You can use magnetic hematite beads to create beautiful jewelry that matches your shoes and makes sure people take notice. People love the look of our beads and with so many to choose from, the sky is the limit for great looking ankle bracelets.

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