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Top Reasons Why Magnetic Hematite Beads Are Great For Jewelry Making

We go through a lot of trouble to make sure the magnetic hematite beads you see are only the best available. The beads aren’t like many others on the site and make for particularly beautiful and unique jewelry. We pride ourselves in having a wide selection of magnetic and high powered magnetic hematite beads and would love to tell you why they’re so great for jewelry making.

A Magnetic Hematite Shine like No Other

Each of our beads is highly polished to provide a high shine that makes any piece of jewelry look amazing. When you add in the numerous colors and shapes, they can be combined into something beautiful. Mix and match the pearl beads with metallic colors or create a gorgeous necklace from the multicolor rainbow and gold beads. No matter what color you get, you’ll be amazed at how beautiful the polish makes them. You’ll never go back to another type of bead again once you’ve laid your eyes on ours.

Variety of Magnetic Hematite Beading Supplies

If you’re looking for something fun and crazy, then the shapes and colors of the Picasso magnetic beads are for you. There are beads with hand painted flowers and beads with solid colors, beads with rainbow colors and various metal bead sets. With so many types and colors available, you can create almost any kind of jewelry you want in the colors and shapes that you want. You can create magnetic hematite necklaces, bracelets and more and using different colors and shapes including magnetic hematite rings.

Reported Healing Properties

For centuries, people have used magnetic hematite to allegedly treat everything from pain to high blood pressure. It has been used by practitioners of magnetic therapy and Feng Shui to help with blood and kidney problems, Chakra balancing and decrease negative energy. People believe that ailments and health problems can be helped using magnetic fields. Natural Hematite beads are not magnetic, but become magnetic when joined with other minerals.

We know that homemade jewelry and beading is a passion for many people and magnetic hematite beads are perfect for your craft. If you want to see our selection, then visit here.