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Magnetic Hematite Beads

Magnetic Beads

Kaleidoscope Crafts carries a wide variety of AAA Grade Magnetic Hematite Beads with super high polish. We think they are the best available magnetic beads for jewelry making on the market!

The Magnetic Beads we sell contain Magnetite a natural Ferromagnetic Mineral. Magnetite is a heavy, semi-metallic gemstone, valued for its magnetic properties and makes the perfect jewelry bead. Since raw Hematite (Iron Oxide) cannot be permanently magnetized, magnetized Hematite is actually a mineral composite including ground natural Hematite and small amounts of other natural minerals. This composite is much easier to magnetize and form into detailed shapes. The same basic chemical composition of Iron Oxide remains, thus Magnetic Hematite or Magnetite has the benefits of natural hematite and can be used as magnetic therapy beads. It's one reason why people use them as jewelry beads.

Looking for a High Power Magnetic Hematite?

Sometimes called triple power, triple strength or super power; find our Anisotropic Magnetic beads in our High Power Magnetic Hematite Bead section.

As you can see, Kaleidoscope Crafts carries a wide selection of magnetic beads including colorful Picasso Magnetic Beads, Pearlized Magnetic Beads, Rainbow Magnetic Beads, Faceted Magnetic Beads, Hand-Painted Magnetic Beads, Magnetic Metal Beads and even Magnetic Rings. If you can't find what you are looking for here, please let us know!

Warning: People with a pacemaker, or any battery operated device, should not wear or handle magnetic jewelry. Pregnant women should consult a physician before wearing magnetic items.